RP Techniek BV is the specialist in sourcing. In the present market it is strategically important to have a network of the “best in class” suppliers available. RP Techniek BV offers you that network including the many advantages when purchasing make or buy parts.

The question is: Which products do you allow to be made, where, how and by whom?

You have many choices, among which: the choice of supplier, product design, sample deliveries, quality controls and transport.

By acting as intermediary in the sourcing, RP Techniek helps provide a lower cost price. RP Techniek BV has many years of experience in this area, working very closely with strong partners in Asia and Eastern Europe. Using strategic sourcing RP Techniek BV is able to provide substantial purchasing advantages without any compromise in the quality! RP Techniek BV can also provide support in (re)engineering and in the making of technical drawings.

By providing our suppliers with work from differing branches (branch mix), we create a very stable supply chain within our network. RP Techniek BV guarantees a large scale long lasting flexible supplier network.

The RP Techniek BV specialism is a part of your success!