Reduco – Gearboxes

Great importance is given to the design and development of each REDUCO gearbox and its mechanical features, to achieve top power performances in each ratio and ,at the same time,to prolong its life span.This goal is achieved by using high quality material and by studying the optimal dimensions of the gears ,which are the heart of the gearbox. The range of REDUCO gearboxes is the result of forty years of experience in the field of power transmission for agricultural machines.The variety of applications combined with the severe environmental conditions gearboxes are generally subjected tomake this product a fundamental element for the majority of agricultural machines.

Aluminium serie

ModelPower Range (@540 RPM)Specs
R015 5-10 HPR015.pdf
R03510-15 HPR035.pdf
R05520-30 HP Op aanvraag

R100 serie

ModelPower Range (@540 RPM)Specs
R11010-20 HPR110.pdf
R12030-40 HPR120.pdf
R14040-60 HP R140.pdf
R160 80-100 HPR160.pdf
R180120-140 HPOp aanvraag
R190 150-200 HPOp aanvraag

R200 serie

ModelPower Range (@540 RPM)Specs
R22010-20 HPR220.pdf
R23020-40 HPR230.pdf
R24040-60 HP R240.pdf
RS2460-80 HPRS24.pdf
R25080-100 HPR250.pdf
R270120-150 HPR270.pdf